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      Industry News
      China heavy duty machine market situation is grim
      China heavy duty machine market situation is grim
      【author/from】webmanager 【time】2015-05-16 【count】13210

          The construction of the Chinese government on wind power generation, large aircraft manufacturing, city track traffic areas will be a long-term project, which will prompt China heavy duty machine tool market fiery will last for a long time. In fact, it is based on this understanding, there will be so much they enter. But in fact, the market did not imagine the big cake. According to Wu Sales Department related person in charge introduced, from last year to this year, the heavy machine tool market situation is quite grim.

          China Machine Tool Industry Association heavy branch secretary Zhai Wei said, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the development of heavy machine tool industry in China will face enormous challenge. In 2009 September, heavy machine tool branch organization Wu weight group, Qiqihar Heavy CNC, Qi two group, Ji'nan two machine tool, machine tool and a Beijing Qinghai Huading heavy machine tool company launched an investigation, the theme is "key user industries China heavy machine tool demand for CNC machine tools and heavy machine tool manufacturing existing production capacity and technical investment in enterprise".

          The results of the survey is that, in the "fifteen", "eleven five" two five year plan "period, the main users of heavy machine tool industry in China conducted a large-scale technological transformation and expansion, the purchase of heavy processing equipment peak, as at present, processing equipment, most of the enterprise has become saturated, the ordinary and low frequency control heavy machine tool demand has and will continue to decline.

          Di Secretary also said, the purchase will focus on independent innovation of high-end composite intelligent heavy, super heavy NC machine tool. Therefore, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period will add user industries mainly is the key equipment, and heavy machine tools in general is likely to be a flat market demand for.

          Main economic indicators of heavy machine tool industry in 2009 can be corroborated this point: the gross value of industrial output grew 5.5%; sales revenue grew 6.1%; cumulative orders year-on-year negative growth of 11.84% -- much lower than the previous 6 years of continuous growth of 40%.

          In fact, the financial crisis to the impact of China's economic development still has not been effectively eased. In 2009, although the country to strengthen the policy of expanding domestic demand, maintaining a certain growth rate, but it is still difficult to curb the business situation of heavy machine tool industry decline. And open the machine tool market in 2010 "blowout" situation, the common machine tool products rebound is far better than heavy machine tool products.


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