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      Industry News
      Analysis of the German machine tool industry opportunities
      Analysis of the German machine tool industry opportunities
      【author/from】webmanager 【time】2015-04-28 【count】12060

          All areas of Chinese industry, the new production capacity, as well as the modernization of the existing facilities demand, have had hitherto unknown huge. Machine tool consumption growth, China is far greater than the number of local can provide. From the users, in the Chinese market for international investors, beyond count, they need high quality production technology, which is the leading manufacturer of foreign machine tool, such as an important reason for the German manufacturer can have tremendous market opportunities in the Chinese market.

          German machine tool industry to its own position and other different, for are to create a strong industry in China, we need to be able to provide a wide range of products and services can meet most manufacturing tasks. We can provide a full range of services and a large number of business experience, but also in global business customer base. Because of its low labor cost and high yield, Chinese machine tool manufacturing industry occupies the main advantage in the cost. This also means that they and the German manufacturers are active in different areas of the market. Therefore, we do not think that, in the next few years, machine tool manufacturers in China will compete and German manufacturers are the same.

          In nominal terms, China's machine tool exports accounted for about 1/6 of the total production. Therefore, it has already risen to the world's most important exporter ranked eighth. However, with the German export as an example, will find that including many not in the international statistical classification of machine tool. This makes the data and other data is not comparable. Another major topic of China machine tool industry, is the existence of technical copied widely. The status and reputation of China industry in the global market set, are very harmful, must be resolutely stopped.


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