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            1. Welcome AnHui ChangJiang Machine Tool Manufacturing (Group) Co., Ltd.

                 Anhui Changjiang machine tool manufacturing (Group) Co., Ltd. (the originalAnhui machine tool factory) site is located in the ten major iron and steel base, the national sanitary city civilization -- Ma'anshan City outskirts BowangIndustrial Park, east of the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties of Nanjing Lukou International Airport, north depends on Yangtze River, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.

                 The company was founded in 1984, after twenty years of carve, it has become one of the manufacturing enterprises around the region is the largestmachine tool.

                Our company main products: "waves" brand WF67Y, WC67K series digital(NC) hydraulic bending machine, QCl2Y, QCl2K series (NC) hydraulic pendulum plate shearing machine, Wll series of three roller bending machine,"Sina" brand series of blade mold and all kinds of machinery parts.

                 Complete product specifications complete, reliable quality, strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, detection means, ability has theindependent development of new products, design and processing; the products are sold throughout the country and overseas, timely and thoughtfulcustomer service service, product market share of high, well received by theuser's consistent high praise.


              Copyright: Anhui Province, the Yangtze River machine tool manufacturing(Group) Co. Ltd. | technical support: whtime.net.

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